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E-commerce Start

9 750 kr

E-commerce Start is the alternative for you who want to get online with selling and marketing, but hasn’t that many products yet. Before handing everything over, we’ll walk you through your new online store and make sure you are ready to recieve your first order!

E-commerce Start is the alternative when you want your own online store and maybe haven’t that many products quite yet, but want a solid base to build further on.

We will install and configure WordPress and WooCommerce, give you a set of basic pages, import up to 25 products, and will implement a payment gateway. When everything is done we will give you, or the one you assign, a walk-through of your new E-commerce Start, and after that, it’s all yours.

You need to provide us with information regarding the products you want imported. Your article number (SKU), name/title, short description, long description, taxes, measurements (if you want them), product category, tags, images, and attributes. But don’t worry! We have a simple template that is really self-explanatory that we will send to you.

Even though E-commerce Start is our smallest package, it comes loaded with powerful features:

  • Ability to sell physical, virtual, or digital products.
  • Support for various tax rates depending on the product or country of the customer.
  • A simple overview of all orders (canceled, pending, on hold, completed, refunded, failed).
  • Basic stock management.
  • Ability for separate delivery address.
  • System for coupons.
  • List of customers.
  • Report system and statistics.

When it comes to products there’s also basic support for upsell and cross-sell, to only allow one single piece per order, or variable products with different SKU’s (i.e. T-shirt of model X, available in size S (art. no. X1), M (art. no. X2), L (art. no. X3)).

In this package, the implementation of one payment gateway and import of up to 25 products are included in the price. When you order E-commerce Start we also include access to the Divi theme for 12 months with one of our pre-made templates, and the add-on SEO:


Divi is developed by Elegant Themes in the US, and is one of the most used – if not THE most used – premium theme ever developed for WordPress. With Divi’s stunning user interface, anybody can build stunning websites! You can choose between a 12-month access or make the theme yours – for life! We really don’t like to boast, but we’re such Diviots that we’ve translated everything into Swedish and also help to run the site elegantthemessweden.se.


SEO stands Search Engine Optimization and means that you do a lot of work in the background, not noticeable to the eye – but makes it so much easier for search engines to find and index your site! Most often you combine the SEO work with i.e. an investment in ads with search engines like Google. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your site and market your site on for instance Facebook or Google, your money will be wasted if you haven’t done some SEO work beforehand.

With E-commerce Start you can also choose add-ons not available in our standard website packages:

Facebook connection

We implement a function to connect your brand new online store to your Facebook account and business page. That way, it’s easier to advertise on Facebook, find more customers, market your business and increase sales in your store. You will also get an automatic connection to your Facebook business page, and can easily synchronize your products against your Facebook page and can activate the tab “Store”. As a bonus we add the function of Facebook Messenger, so your customers can chat with you in your store using Messenger.


A function for opt-in where customers or visitors can choose to subscribe to your newsletter. A form can be shown in many ways, like a popup window. A form sliding in. You can embed a form into your content. The form can be placed below the content. Place the form in a widget next to your content. Or, you can let visitors provide their e-mail address to grant access to certain content. This can be integrated with no less than 19 well-known services like MailChimp, HubSpot, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, Mailpoet, AWeber, and many more. Note that an eventual cost for the e-mail service is not included in our price.

Product Addons

The standard WooCommerce functionality is variables. For instance, a T-shirt can have the sizes S, M, L, and/or be in the colors white, black or red. With this function, you can let your customers make options to a product. Let’s say you sell cars in your store. After choosing a make and model, one option could be to offer metallic paint instead of standard solid paint. Or aluminum wheels. Or a towbar. Or sunroof. The Product Addon is a really great feature that will make the shopping personalized for your customers.

Advanced Pricing

This opens the door for a huge variation and possibilities in your pricing! You can assign your customers/users into roles and set different prices for different roles. Say, if you have resellers that you offer a 20% discount on the list price. If you have a gym selling memberships in the levels of gold, silver, and bronze, you could have different hourly rates when members make an appointment with the gym’s PT. Other functions include a bulk discount (discount when ordering a certain amount). Or if the order value exceeds or is below a given amount. Maybe you want to offer a discount because the customer is a follower on Facebook or subscribes to your MailChimp newsletter? The alternatives are endless and this add-on will definitely help to get customers more interested!


An affiliate is a form of partner or reseller. They help bring traffic to your website using their own, unique link on your website. Your brand will strengthen by them marketing you and your brand. You’ll also get better SEO results, more traffic to your website, and most probably increased sales! In return, you give your affiliates commission on sales (percentual or fixed fee). It’s also possible to connect to a specific product(s) only. To manage affiliates, reporting, and statistics, all this has been integrated into one single system.

Advanced Upsell

With Advanced Upsell you will get different possibilities to bump products, for example, in the cart. You know, when you’re at the supermarket and there’s always (cheap) candy at the cash register? Upselling! With this solution, you can market products based on what the customer has in the cart at the moment, and offer special prices on related products. Or, you can create one-time offers or make advanced cross-sell (customers who bought … also bought …). Another nifty feature is that you can create an unlimited number of sales funnels, which is an invaluable tool if you plan to market your site on i.e. Facebook. With a funnel, you can collect leads on a landing page and guide them all the way to an order. You’ll also get a tool to monitor abandoned carts. What gets put in carts but never gets ordered?

Bookings & Events

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a beauty technician, hairdresser, car mechanic, therapist, party planner, or lecturer. If your business is selling services or events, this is the add-on for you! Schedule when your staff is available, or let your staff add their own schedule. You can also, with a connection to WooCommerce, let customers pay their visit or their ticket in advance. A perfect opportunity to offer a small discount for pre-paid visits, which lets you save time and hassle during the visit. If you work with digital meetings, you can easily integrate Zoom. If you work with Google Calendar, you and your colleagues can get your bookings directly into your calendars. Group appointments are not a problem. Just enter the minimum and maximum participants, and you’re done!

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