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Do you need to move your WordPress installation from one host to another? Or do you want a staging site from your live site, where you can test and try new things without affecting your daily operations? We are the moving company you need!

Do you need to move WordPress because of a change of hosting provider? Or, do you have several WordPress sites that you want to combine into a WordPress Multisite network? Maybe you already got a WordPress Multisite network and want to break one single site free and make a single installation of it?

The reason one might want to move an installation are many! Most commonly is due to a change in the hosting provider. And, a new host with faster servers can make miracles with a website! But moving a WordPress installation isn’t just about downloading and uploading files. If you lack experience of working with databases and/or sending files using FTP, this operation is something we wouldn’t advise trying on yourself!

Regardless of your situation, we at ITprojekt can help you move your site from A to B. Everything from preparations with total backup to finishing the move by securing that everything is working as they should.

We have experience of moving WordPress installations between all the major Swedish hosting providers and also creating staging sites from operational sites. We can also combine several WordPress installations into a Multisite network, or extract a single site from a network. Your data is secure and the move will be completely painless for you. In combination with our packages Website DIY, Website Assist or Website Simple, you get a tailor-made package solution for yourself and your company!

Save yourself the trouble and focus your time on the things that matter: your business!

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