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Website DIY

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A kit for those who want to tackle stuff on their own. In this package you get the basic installation done, and then we leave the rest to you. You add text, images and design the page yourself.

With Website DIY you build your own website using WordPress.

We’ve composed this package especially for you who like to tackle things on your own. We make sure you get the latest version of WordPress (including plugins you might add) installed on your web host.

Why do it this way when a lot of hosts offer one click-installations? It’s not that unusual that the hosts have “their” version of WordPress, where functions have been added or removed. It’s just not The WordPress. That functions are missing are usually found by users when they’ve already built large parts of their new website.

If you are your own copywriter or content manager, but hasn’t the foggiest as to what FTP, SSL, or .htaccess is – and also have no interest to learn – then this package is for your! Website DIY is the perfect start for you to get going with your new site! We also make sure that your site has the necessary plugins for safety and security, so your first WordPress experience will be free of hassle and enjoyable as possible.

For your new website you can choose from the following add-ons:


Divi is developed by Elegant Themes in the US, and is one of the most used – if not THE most used – premium theme ever developed for WordPress. With Divi’s stunning user interface, anybody can build stunning websites! You can choose between a 12-month access to the Divi API, or you can make it yours – for life! We really don’t like to boast, but we’re such Diviots that we’ve translated everything into Swedish and also help to run the site


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and mean that you du a lot of work in the “background”, that’s not visible to the eye but makes it way easier for search engines to find your site. Most often you combine the SEO work with i.e. an investment in ads with search engines like Google. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your site and market your site on for instance Facebook or Google, your money will be wasted if you haven’t done some SEO work beforehand.


A function for opt-in where customers or visitors can choose to subscribe to your newsletter. A form can be shown in many ways, like a popup window. A form sliding in. You can embed a form into your content. The form can be placed below the content. Place the form in a widget next to your content. Or, you can let visitors provide their e-mail address to grant access to certain content. This can be integrated with no less than 19 well-known services like MailChimp, HubSpot, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, Mailpoet, AWeber, and many more. Note that an eventual cost for the e-mail service is not included in our price.

Facebook Messenger

We can help you integrate Facebook Messenger on your website. Visitors that have a Facebook account can chat with your business Facebook page using Messenger. Let go of the old, stiff contact forms and give your visitors a personal touch by chatting directly with them, using your mobile device or desktop computer.

Bookings & Events

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a beauty technician, hairdresser, car mechanic, therapist, party planner, or lecturer. If your business is selling services or events, this is the add-on for you! Schedule when your staff is available, or let your staff add their own schedule. You can also, with a connection to WooCommerce, let customers pay their visit or their ticket in advance. A perfect opportunity to offer a small discount for pre-paid visits, which lets you save time and hassle during the visit. If you work with digital meetings, you can easily integrate Zoom. If you work with Google Calendar, you and your colleagues can get your bookings directly into your calendars. Group appointments are not a problem. Just enter the minimum and maximum participants, and you’re done!


How does it usually work for local teams and clubs? Best case – an iZettle available? Will the coaches remember to remind members about the membership fee? Handle it from your own website instead! Members can pay their fee with i.e. their credit card or PayPal, and update their contact information online instead of bringing a scribbled note. Make it easier for the coaches and the teller to handle the economy, and focus on the things you really want to do!


What if you could have your own community in your club or intranet for the company? We can help you build a totally interactive channel for communications, that lets the users or members create the content themselves by discussions, comments, posts, and status updates. Just like you know it from all the great social media networks online!

Get started with your new website today and order Website DIY from ITprojekt with Team Lenom.

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